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  • Depth Filter Sheets, Filter Press, Plate and Frame Filters,

    ErtelAlsop offers the widest varieties of filter media and construction techniques to provide good particle retention, clear filtrate, high flow rates, and dry filter cakes. Made in the USA ErtelAlsop is an innovator in the manufacturing of depth filter

  • What is a Filter Press ErtelAlsop

    Plate and Frame Filters. A plate and frame filter press uses a filter pack that is made up of alternating plates and frames. A frame, as suggested, is a hollowed framework appropriately sized to match an associated plate. The frame is

  • Plate and Frame Filter Press ErtelAlsop

    EFS Series 12 inch square, cart mounted plate and frame filter.. EUS-400 Series 16 inch square, designed for mid-range batch sizes.. Letre Series 24″ & 36″ square, plate and frame filters.. BevExpress 40 cm x 40 cm Beverage Press 40 cm square, NORYL plates, for Wineries and specialty brews.. BioClean Filter Plates Ideal for all sanitary and ultra-clean depth filter

  • How Does a Filter Press Work? ErtelAlsop

    By erteladmin Published May 4, 2015 This article was posted in Filter Equipment, Filter Press, Plate and Frame Filter and tagged dewatering, filter cloth, Filter Press. Bookmark the permalink. Follow comments with the RSS

  • Depth Filtration Equipment ErtelAlsop

    ErtelAlsop offers a wide variety of laboratory depth filtration equipment for bench or pilot scale applications. Plate & Frame Filter Presses ErtelAlsop manufactures the highest quality plate and frame filter presses available on the market

  • EFS 12 Inch Plate and Frame Filter Press ErtelAlsop

    The EFS Series plate and frame filter press is internally ported, and is the most economical 12-inch square plate and frame filter press that ErtelAlsop manufactures. The standard model EFS plate and frame filter press hips cart mounted with our BioClean Filter Plates,and a hand wheel closure with 5 ton hand hydraulic assist.. The EFS plate and frame

  • 24 inch and 36 inch Plate and Frame Filters Depth Filter

    ErtelAlsop’s Letre Series Plate and Frame Filters are the industry standard for filtration of critical liquids. The Letre Plate and Frame Filters are designed with internal feed and discharge porting, and can be configured for thorough washing. No gaskets are required, and they can be used with a wide variety of filter


    1-Used ertel approx. 16″ x 16″ stainless steel plate and frame filter press, model eus-sl, serial #18-472-304. This 17 disc filter has (8) approx. 1″ wide frames and (9) approx. 3/8″ wide plates. Mounted on portable base with casters, filter is equipped with ertel

  • Filter press Wikipedia

    2020-05-15· An industrial filter press is a tool used in separation processes, specifically to separate solids and liquids.The process uses the principle of pressure drive, [clarification needed] as provided by a slurry pump.Among other uses, filter

  • ErtelAlsop

    2017-01-13· plate and frame filter press design, can help to simplify your depth filtration validation now more than ever. ErtelAlsop The First Name in Liquid Filtration. ErtelAlsop • PO Box 3358 • Kingston • NY • 12402 • ErtelAlsop • 845.331.4552 • Fax 845.339.1063 ErtelAlsop PO Box 3358 Kingston

  • Used- Ertel Plate & Frame Filter Press, 12" Diame

    Used- Ertel Plate & Frame Filter Press, 12" Diameter, 304 Stainless Steel. (6) Plates, (5) frames, (1) head, (1) tail. Manual closure. Approximate 0.24 cubic feet cake capacity, 3.95 square feet filter area. Includes pump, driven by a 1 hp, 1/60/115/230 volt, 1725 rpm motor. Bottom drip pan. Mounted on a carbon steel frame

  • Ertel Alsop Filtration Solutions

    2012-10-24· ErtelAlsop prides itself in the development of strong relationships with it's customers and distributors, and the pride they take in there products is evidenced by the design of the Pak® lenticular cartridge, the Vapor-Master® enclosed plate and frame filter press, the 1S PharmaScale™ laboratory filter, and the BioClean™ filter plate assembly, all of which were co-developed with specific

  • ErtelAlsop SepSol

    ErtelAlsop is the only US based manufacturer of a complete line of liquid filtration products, including laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, filter pads/sheets, filter paper, Pak® lenticular filter cartridges and housings. ErtelAlsop has been problem-solving the depth filtration needs of industry for well over 80 years.

  • Used Ertel 12 Filter Press for sale. Farm Brass equipment

    Ertel Engineering 2hs #15761. Manufacturer: Ertel Engineering Filter press skeleton by ertel engineering for 12" round plates and frames, model 2hs, serial # 12-107-304. Features painted steel frame with 12" opening for plates, frames and end plates, ertel ss gear pump with...

  • Plate and Frame Filter Press ErtelAlsop

    The plate and frame filter design is the standard in basic process depth filtration for clarification and pre-filtration in industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, stone & beverage, and electric utility. Plate and frame filter presses provide the lowest cost of filtration per unit of fluid processed.

  • Star Filter Press The Hilliard Corporation

    2017-09-27· Star Filter Press Designed and Built for Years of Service Star Plate and Frame Filter Presses are designed and built to provide you with years of dependable service. Our filters are sturdily built, with a rugged carbon steel stand coated in durable epoxy paint. Standard heads, plates, frames, and their components are fabricated from 304

  • Used Filter Presses: Press Filters, Shriver, Star, Plate-Frame

    Filter presses are used to filter solids out of liquids by sending the liquid through multiple filter plates. The most popular form of filter press is the plate and frame filter press. We are suppliers of both used stainless steel filter presses and used polyprolene filter presses and we also stock sanitary filter

  • Used: Ertel/Alsop Vapor-Master Plate and Frame Filter

    2009-10-06· Used- Ertel/Alsop Vapor-Master Plate And Frame Filter Press, Model L-38, 316 Stainless Steel. 24" x 24" plates and frames, (14) plates, 1/2" thick and (13) frames, 2" thick.

  • Used Plate & Frame Filter and Filter Presses Perry

    2020-05-13· 16″ x 16″ Ertel 304 Stainless Steel Plate and Frame Filter Press on Movable Cart. Stock #ZG62888. Used 16″ X 16″ Plate and Frame Filter Press. Manufacturer: Ertel. Material: 304 Stainless Steel. With (14) plates 3/8″ tick and (14) frames 1/2″ thick. Sanitary feed lines, 304SS pan. Mounted on a movable cart with casters.

  • ErtelAlsop Clear Solutions

    2018-09-10· Beverage Press ErtelAlsop’s externally ported filter is designed for small to middle sized wineries, br eweries, and the stone and beverage market in general. This superior quality 40 cm x 40 cm plate & frame filter consists of a 304 stainless steel frame mounted on casters, a stainless steel drip collection tray,stainless steel valves,