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  • supplier of mica mines in bihar hobartzebras.au

    supplier of mica mines in bihar screenminingequipment tk Sep10 supplierofmicaminesinbihar. supplier of mica mines in bihar Mica Sourcing in India Sudarshan Sudarshan sources mica from Bihar amp Jharkand, states that suppliers i e companies who own . Inquire Now; Illegal mica mines in Bihar and Jharkhand employ child

  • Vauxhall and BMW among car firms linked to child labour

  • Beauty companies and the struggle to source child labour

  • Mines Department

    Govt. of Bihar. Sri Braj Kishore Bind, Hon'ble Minister. Tel: (0612)-2215591.Fax: (0612)-2215592. E-Mail: ministercell gmail e-Coal Distribution

  • Mica Industry in India: Major Producer and Exporter of

    The mica industry in India is one of the world's largest. India produced a total 19,000 tons of mica in 2016. Jharkhand and Bihar, are the currently the top two mica producing states in India, representing for nearly 25% of the global production of mica

  • Illegal mica mines in Bihar and Jharkhand employ child

    Mica can be found in the mines of Jharkhand and Bihar. Most of it is extracted from illegal mines using child labour (in 2012, the export of mica was over eight times the country's officially

  • Mica supply chain Merck Corporate Responsibility Report

    All mine owners have a logbook in which they record the daily amount of mica produced in their mines. These records provide the basis for the license fees that they pay to the government. Were they to use mica from an unregulated source, they would also have to pay license fees for the additional amounts. Such a practice would be uneconomical, as it would cost more than the mica from their own

  • GLOBAL MICA MINING The Centre for Research on

    two mines in Bihar, all mining in Jharkhand and Bihar was illegal. After India's central government imple-mented its Forest Conservation Act in 1980, mining licenses in the area were not renewed. The initial research report from 2016 showed that approximately 300 villages in the states of Jharkand and Bihar which are home to the world's largest mica mining area and account for an estimated

  • Mica supply chain Merck Corporate Responsibility Report

    All mine owners record the daily extraction volume of their mines in a logbook, and we review the volumes of mica reported in the logbook and supplied to the processing companies. Community outreach in the mica supply chain. The states of Jharkhand and Bihar

  • Sustainable Mica Sourcing Sudarshan stone Industries

    Sudarshan sources mica from Bihar & Jharkand, states that are extremely rich in mineral resources but economically challenged in the areas surrounding the mica mines. This has given rise to instances of unregulated mining in the region. Sudarshan has a zero tolerance towards child labour and we require that all our vendors and partners adhere to this policy as well. To minimize risks in our

  • 5,000 Children Abandon Studies to Work in Mica Mines

    5,000 Children Abandon Studies to Work in Mica Mines of Jharkhand, Bihar. The survey was conducted by the National Commission for Protection of Child

  • Mica scavenging in Jharkhand destroys lives and

    “The abandoned mines were illegally taken up by local contractors, who began to dig pits to find mica and employed children and women not only because of cheap labour but their supple hands were perfect for the job,” says Indrajeet Samanta, an environmentalist whose family once owned a mica mine in Koderma. “The work is hazardous because children go deep inside the caves where there is

  • Legalising North East India’s mica mines

    The mica supply chain can be long and complex. 70% of mica out of India comes from illegal mines in the north-east region. The commodity will pass through a succession of middle men who buy bags of mica at bargain prices. This is usually a maximum of INR25 (40 cents) per kilogram; however, top quality mica sells for up to $2,000 per kilogram, according to USGS data. It is then refined in India

  • Mines & Geology Department

    Mines & Geology Department Bihar Online will provide informational as well as transactional services to the citizens Braj Kishore Bind Hon'ble Minister Access Bihar Mines Portal Access Bihar Mines

  • Mica mining revival in Jharkhand on the cards Business

    Mica mining during Bihar regime had been stopped for over two decades resulting in unemployment of thousands of people owing to sick of the mica industries. The mica production in India had been confined to Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan where contribution of the three states in mica were of the order of 60, 30 and 10 per cent respectively.

  • Blood Mica: Deaths of child workers in India's mica

    German drugmaker Merck KGaA discovered children were collecting mica at mines used for its supplies in 2008 so cut some of its suppliers and now only sources from Jharkhand and child-free legal mines.

  • Mica supply chain Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

    In November 2017 our employees surveyed the mining activities of our suppliers to document the actual daily output of the mica mines and cross-check the actual output against the documentation provided. Community outreach in the mica supply chain. The states of Jharkhand and Bihar are among the most impoverished regions in India.

  • GR-Mica

    The most important and famous center of major mining belt runs in the State of Jharkhand (formerly Bihar State) which produces the world's finest muscovite mica well known throughout the globe. The House of Gunpatroy Pvt. Ltd. and its subsidiary Shree GR Exports Pvt. Ltd. specialises in the production and exports of muscovite mica originating from the vast expanse of this region.

  • Mica Scrap in Koderma, मीका स्क्रैप, कोडरमा,

    Bihar Minerals & Grinding Industries. Koderma Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma 825409,Dist. Koderma, Jharkhand. Verified Supplier. Call +91-6200898952. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Mica Scrap Ask Price. We have easy access to Mica Scrap, which are highly reusable and free from any type of toxic and radioactive elements. Our Mica Scraps can be used for diverse purposes. We offer Mica Scraps

  • HIDDEN COST OF BEAUTY World Vision Canada

    Bihar states, literacy and school attendance rates are below average, and poverty is rampant. Despite these significant consequences, villagers engage in mica mining because often it is their only source of income. Only 10% of mica mines in Jharkhand and Bihar are legal, which means that most mines