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  • mill for rectangular and round bales pochiraju.co

    Sep 11, 2008 BIOMASS WEEK · PELLET MILL PRESS in round bales measuring 5-feet by 4-feet and large rectangular bales measuring 4-feet by 8-feet. Get Price . Drum Tomahawk 404M, 505M, 505XLM Straw Mill Teagle Teagle's Drum Tomahawk straw mills produce consistently short material from are available for ease of operation or to accommodate larger rectangular bales. Get Price

  • Bale spreader for GIANT Machinery YouTube

    09/05/2016· Attach the bale spreader, load round or rectangular bales and start spreading. Spreads a bale effortlessly in under 45 seconds and customers report that they are using up to 50% less straw.

  • Square Baler / Rectangular Baler vs Round Baler

    The grass and hay materials are rolled inside the round baler which with the help of efficient equipment like stone belts and fixed rollers, reduce the hay and other waste materials into round compressed bales. The round or rolled bales are then stored separately with the help of stone wraps for protection against misuse or harsh weather conditions. In square baler vs round baler, the round

  • Square Bales vs Round Bales YouTube

    05/01/2019· Square Bales vs Round Bales SAVE $$ TIME & ROOM Duration: 8:05. Syman Says Farms 3,817 views. 8:05. Making Hay in South Dakota: Complete Process Duration: 12:00. Sonne Farms 427,871 views

  • fenceline feeder for larger round bales

    mill for rectangular and round bales Fenceline Feeder For Larger Round Bales. Hay and stone Feeders Hay Panels Portable Feed Bunks Rectangular Hay Savers Round Bale Feeder Mill Rock FeederGet Price. BK-6 Fence Line Cattle Hay FeederKlene Pipe Structures Round Bale Fence Line Hay Feeder for Cattle. BK-6 is designed so you can feed large round or big square bales in a fence line

  • Baler Wikipedia

    Rectangular bales are easier to transport than round bales, since there is little risk of the bale rolling off the back of a flatbed trailer. The rectangular shape also saves space and allows a complete solid slab of hay to be stacked for transport and storage. Most balers allow adjustment of length and it is common to produce bales of twice the width, allowing stacks with brick-like

  • What is the difference between square and round hay bales

    This produced the bales. Storage is key to keeping this crop ready to be fed to animals in the winter. Starting in the 1970’s new machinery caused a revolution in hay making. Large round balers became available so that now, much of the hay put up across the country is in large, round bales. The round bales can weigh 1000 pounds or more.

  • Large Round Hay Bales For Sale in Fort Mill, South

    Round Hay Bales For Sale in Fort Mill, South Carolina At Local Hay Finder we strive to be the best site for people looking to buy hay and sellers wanting to sell their hay. If you know of any other hay sellers with round hay bales for sale who are not currently in our directory, please use the Add Listing button and send us their information so we can include them in Local Hay Finder.


    HAY HANDLING EQUIPMENT. MODELS DESCRIPTION. WEIGHT BSF-1523: 3-pt. bale spear. Rated for round bales up to 1,800 lbs. Main spear : is tapered with 44" usable length. Features welded balance spears. Cat. 1 & 2 57 lbs. HS-3000 Dual bolt-in spears with cast steel : pockets, 42" usable length. Round bales maintain orientation. Fits Cat. 1 & 2 quick hitches. 78 lbs. HS-2200 3-pt. bale spear

  • Collection, loading and transport equipment

    Round bales must be loaded, transported and unloaded by machine due to their heavy weight. The 7KY-4 round bale transporting wagon made in China is hydraulically driven and equipped with an automatic pickup mechanism. It can pickup and load round bales with flexibility and accuracy. Four bales can be transported simultaneously.

  • Round bale grab BKP-UF WIFO-ANEMA B.V.

    Bale clamp for rectangular bales Compact baleclamp for wrapped rectangular bales Also suitable for round bales Narrow clamp arm allows passage between close-lying bales Heave duty clamp arms made out of thick-walled tubing With rased rear section for second bale With controlled non-return valve and pressure relief valve as standard (ex mill at 140 bar) Complte with hydraulic hoses and quick

  • hay round bales Gumtree Australia Free Local Classifieds

    Hay 5ft Round Bales, cut last November, good quality pasture, rye grass & clover. Up to 47 bales. Wangaratta Area Markwood. 13/05/2020. hay bales from mixed grass rye (LARGE ROUND) from pastures. $70. round bales from our pastures recently collected. Large round bales refer to image. Unsure about the weight. small or large orders welcome. $70 each please phone Chris for more

  • Square Bales vs Round Bales YouTube

    06/01/2019· Square Bales vs Round Bales SAVE $$ TIME & ROOM Duration: 8:05. Syman Says Farms 3,817 views. 8:05. Making Hay in South Dakota: Complete Process Duration: 12:00. Sonne Farms 427,871 views


    Apparatus for stone film wrapping of big bales with round as well as rectangular cross section, mainly for agricultural ensilage preparation. The apparatus consists of a traversing rib (7), which presses the bales tightly against each other in axial direction through a stone wrapping ring (3). The traversing rib is at all times kept normal to the feeding direction of a double chain

  • Agr171: Round Bale Hay Storage in Kentucky

    round and rectangular bales of alfalfa for the same moisture range (Collins et al., 1987). Due to the cylindrical shape of round bales, even a seem-ingly insignificant layer of weathered material on the bale surface can represent a substantial loss of yield and quality based on the total volume of hay affected. A 2-inch layer of weathered material on the bale surface represents 16 per-cent of

  • Compressed Bales, Compressed Bale Machine,

    The shapes of compressed bales. Bales can be in square shape, rectangular shape or round shape. Take hay baler for example, some are in small square or rectangular bales, the others are in huge round bales. Different materials have different shape requirements for easy handling and transportation cost saving purpose. Most materials prefer to

  • MDS Roto-King Round Bale Processor (Tractor Loader)

    09/02/2012· This is an MDS Roto-King 500 Round Bale Processor. It is designed to unroll round bales for feeding and bedding. Can also be used with skid steer loaders. Contact us for pricing at 1-800-658-4703

  • Hay Dryers ClimAir50

    The Hay Dryers Clim.Air.50 are the best solution to create quality hay in the farms that produce milk and by-product, farms breeding, farms that produce hay for sell, etc Hay Dryers for round bales

  • Do You Know the Difference between Square and

    Watch a video, courtesy of YouTube, that shows how round hay bales are made and how the shower caps (not the official term) are put on. I think the whole “parade” is fascinating, but if you don’t or don’t have five minutes to spare, skip to 2:00 and watch 15 seconds, then skip to

  • publication 442-454 Management Tips for Round Bale Hay

    or large rectangular bales. Long distance transport of round bales is generally impractical. In addition, there is less demand for large round bales on the open hay market than for small and large rectangular bales. If you plan to sell or transport large round bales, consider a 4-ft wide round bale that fits better on trucks than wider round bales.