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  • Hydraulic pivoting hatch covers MacGregor

    Hydraulic pivoting hatch covers. Pivoting hatch covers make the most efficient use of available deck space. They are primarily used when multiple panels are not required, or when the deck arrangement is configured to have a short, vertical stowage space. Large pivoting hatch covers are used in feeder container ships. Small pivoting hatch

  • Hatch cover control systems MacGregor

    Hydraulic pump start/stop buttons and running indication; Cable connection: back-up system for radio connection; Hatch cover controls for electric-drive systems. Traditionally, large bulk carrier side-rolling hatch covers use two types of drive for opening/closing operations: chain or rack-and-pinion drive. For both options there are two ways

  • TTS Side-Rolling hatch cover YouTube

    10/12/2009· Side rolling hatch cover made in China (TTS Hua Hai), projected in Germany.

  • Side-rolling hatch covers MacGregor

    Side-rolling hatch covers stow in a transverse direction. For open hatch bulk carriers (OHBCs), rolling covers of the piggy-back type are preferred if the deck allows little or no free space for stowing the covers when the hatches are open. A traditional side-rolling cover consists of two panels per hatch, each panel rolling

  • Side Rolling Hatch Cover China Side Rolling Hatch Cover

    Side Rolling Hatch Cover Normally there is one or double panels compose the side rolling hatch cover type. Wheel liftingup, railway and driven assembly installed at the panels. Level side rolling and stowed at hatch coaming railway extended part

  • Hatch covers-Ship equipment YouTube

    08/05/2011· forshipbuilding/equipment/hatch-covers/ Shipbuilding Picture Dictionary. Forshipbuilding. Traditional system. 1.hatch beam, portable beam, 2.h...

  • Single Pull Hatch Cover China Single Pull Hatch Cover

    For the Single pull hatch cover system, the single pull hatch covers are operated by a chain connected to both sides of the panel. The length of each panel is short. During the operation, the panels are rolling on the coaming with plain wheels on both side of panels which guided/limited by round bar. There is storage space at forward and afterward hatch end where the panels secured in the

  • Weatherdeck hatch Covers Rolling Types for Combination and

    Rolling Types for Combination and Dry Bulk Carriers technical information h3 Weatherdeck hatch Covers . Weatherdeck hatch Covers Side-rolling hatch covers Side-rolling hatch covers stow in a transverse direction while end-rolling types stow longitudinally. The traditional side-rolling cover consists of two panels per hatch, each panel rolling sideways on a pair of transverse ramps, thus

  • General cargo ship mechanically operated hatch covers

    Just inside the side plates is a stone gasket housed in a channel on the underside of the hatch cover and which rests on a steel compression bar to form a weathertight seal (Figure 13.13). When closed the covers are held on to the seals by a series of peripheral cleats. Rollers are arranged on the sides of the covers to facilitate opening and closing. To open a single pull cover the securing

  • hydraulic pump for side rolling hatch cover

    hydraulic pump for side rolling hatch cover. Photo: MacGREGOR Size and strength requirements led to side rolling covers. Photo The weight of some hatch covers is taken by the side-plate edges onto the replacement parts and our, not to mention the reduced potential for cargo claims. Chat Online.

  • Side Rolling Hatch Cover China Side Rolling Hatch

    Side Rolling Hatch Cover. Category:Hydraulic Hatch Cover System Certificate:ABS,LR,BV,DNVGL,NK,KR,IRS,RMRS,CCS FOB Price:Get Latest Price Now Quality Guarantee:12 Months unless specified otherwise Place of Origin:China

  • hydraulic pump for side rolling hatch cover

    Side rolling hatch cover for bulk vessels TTS Group ASA. TTS Marine''s side rolling hatch cover ensures that all the requirements of the owners and regulatory authorities in

  • Buy China Hydraulic Hatch Cover System,China

    Hydraulic Hatch Cover System The scope of our main supply contains the following products: different range of marine hydraulic steering gears, hydraulic anchors, hydraulic winches, hydraulic control system for marine engineering equipment, special marine valve units, which are widely using in international & domestic ship, marine engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, military products,

  • MacRack the all-electric operating system for side

    13/04/2015· MacRack employs a combined rack-and-pinion drive and lifter system that makes separate hatch cover lifters obsolete. Electric operation removes the need for hydraulic pipework and other components

  • Hydraulic Pack/Power Station(Windlass/Winch/Hatch

    Fire Fighting and Life-saving Equipment/Hatch Cover/MACGREGOR/SIDE ROLLING TYPE/CONTROL VALVE 4WMM6- J5X Fire Fighting and Life-saving Equipment/Hatch Cover/MACGREGOR/SIDE ROLLING TYPE/CONTROL STAND Fire Fighting and Life-saving Equipment/Hatch Cover/MACGREGOR/SIDE ROLLING TYPE/CONTROL VALVE 4WMM6- E19 5X/F Cargo Hold Hatch Cover/CARGO HATCH COVER

  • Hatch Cover Roller Suppliers Manufacturers ShipParts

    Hatch Cover & Fitting/Hydraulic Side Rolling/175000 dwt Bulk Carrier•Hydraulic Side Rolling/TTS/175000 dwt Bulk Carrier•Hydraulic Side Rolling Hatch Cover & Fitting/Hydraulic Side Rolling/230000 dwt Ore carrier·Hydraulic side rolling /TTS/230000 dwt Ore carrier·Hydraulic side rolling


    5.Hydraulic system design .Installation and debug of pump station and hydraulic cylinder . 6.Rubber packing ,drving chain, cleat, sprocket wheel ,hatch roller,bearing pad,hydraulic cylinder supply 7.Hatch cover service engineer inspect onboard quick analysis of the situation and supervise stone when docking: Service type range: Service Brand : 1.Folding type hatch cover 2.Side rolling hatch

  • Hatch cover Encyclopedia

    Hatch cover . A large steel structure fitted over a hatch opening to prevent the ingress of water into the cargo hold. It may also be the supporting structure for deck cargo. Various designs exist for particular applications. The hatch cover has to be weatherproof and has to remain so when conditions change as a result of waves, temperature and cargo. Folding hatch

  • Folding hatch covers MacGregor

    MacGregor hydraulic folding covers consist of two (or more) panels, which are connected by hinges to form a folding pair. In many cases, the hatch cover comprises two folding pairs. One pair is stowed at the aft end of the hatch and the other forward. The folding pair is operated by hydraulic cylinders acting directly on the end hinge arms, which are connected at stools on the deck. When the


    keep hydraulic systems oiltight; ensure the oil tank of the hydraulic system is kept filled to the operating level and with the correct oil; clean up oil spills. If the leak cannot be stopped im-mediately, construct a save-all to contain the oil and empty it regularly; engage tween deck hatch cover cleats when the panels are closed; give notice that main-tenance is being performed so that no